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Our Merino comes from one of the worlds most ancient breeds of sheep, and one of the toughest. "One of the worlds most ancient sheep, and one of the toughest"The Merino sheep lives in extreme environments (up to 35 degrees in summer and down to -25 degrees in winter) where a normal sheep would freeze. Their survival is due to the amazing wool this sheep produces, breathable in summer, yet warm and insulating in winter, while being incredibly soft and lightweight.

For our Ebony Merino, we only use the best fibres of the Merino, so our garments are luxuriously silky soft to wear, with no itch or scratch, even when worn right next to the skin.

Merino wool is the worlds best fibre to produce garments from, as it's been tested and perfected by nature over hundreds of years, not dreamed up in a lab. "tested and perfected by nature over hundreds of years"Merino is also very environmentally friendly, it is a renewable sustainable resource, and does not require as much energy as man-made fibres to produce. Wool is also biodegradable, which means if its is put in a land fill it is capable of decomposing, so will therefore avoid polluting our earth.

In cold weather, our Merinos keep you warm by a process called "Heat Sorption". This is where the hydrogen within the merino structure reacts "Want to ramp up the heat? Try layering our Merinos. This replicates what the Merino Sheep does"to the moisture in the air around it, generating heat which is trapped in the tiny air pockets formed by the fibres in the garment. Want to ramp up the heat? Try layering our Merinos. This replicates what the Merino Sheep does. In summer they have a light, fine, breathable base coat, which keeps them cool. When winter arrives they grow an extra layer of wool over this coat, locking warm air between the two layers.

This process is reversed in warm weather, transferring the heat to the outside of the garment (Heat Desorption). This is combined with Merinos amazing ability to wick moisture away from your body, through it's hollow fibres, this ability is how the process of "Cooling by Evaporation" cools you during summer.

Merino also has the ability to absord around 35% of it's weight in water into the structure of the fibre, preventing the fabric from feeling wet or clammy. In comparison man-made fibres only absorb moisture up to 5% of their weight. This also helps Merino resist odours naturally, and can be worn for days - even weeks - without washing. Try that with your Synthetic top!

Wool is also one of the least flammable fibres around. It is self-extinguishing and wont melt and stick to you like synthetics.

Merino are also very durable, its fibres can be bent 20,000 times without breaking! "Ebony Merinos are specially designed to be easy for you to care for"And when knitted together into a fabric they become even stronger. Ebony Merinos are specially designed to be easy for you to care for, so they are machine washable and easy care, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love!